Minor Programme in Visual Arts

Students seeking to pursue the study of a minnor programme would need to fulfil 15 units of courses specified by the offering department/programme, and note that no registration priority will be given to enrolment in minor courses. Upon completion of the 15 units required for the minor programmes, students should apply to the Academic Registry for approval.

Students are required to complete:

Students are required to take minimum 15 units and include one 9-unit level 3 course.

Drawing and Painting
  VART3105 Further Studies in Studio and Media Arts (Drawing and Painting) 3 units
  VART3377 Studio: Drawing and Painting 9 units
Chinese Arts
  VART3106 Further Studies in Studio and Media Arts (Chinese Arts) 3 units
  VART3385 Studio: Chinese Arts 9 units
Media Arts
  VART3107 Further Studies in Studio and Media Arts (Media Arts) 3 units
  VART3386 Studio: Media Arts 9 units
  VART3195 Further Studies in Studio and Media Arts (Sculpture) 3 units
  VART3387 Studio: Sculpture 9 units
Graphic Arts
  VART3205 Further Studies in Craft and Design (Graphic Arts) 3 units
  VART3395 Studio: Graphic Arts 9 units
Glass and Ceramics
  VART3207 Further Studies in Craft and Design (Glass and Ceramics) 3 units
  VART3396 Studio: Glass and Ceramics 9 units
Object Design
  VART3365 Further Studies in Craft and Design (Object Design) 3 units
  VART3397 Studio: Object Design 9 units
Experience Design
  VART3366 Further Studies in Craft and Design (Experience Design) 3 units
  VART3405 Studio: Experience Design 9 units

 Craft and Design Concentration

  VART2486 Woodworking 1.5 units
  VART2487 Metalworking 1.5 units
  VART2495 Digital Tools: Graphics Software 1.5 units
  VART2496 Digital Tools: Desktop Publishing 1.5 units
  VART2497 Basic Illustration 1.5 units
  VART2505 Experimental Illustration 1.5 units
  VART2506 Typography 1.5 units
  VART2507 Type Design 1.5 units
  VART2515 Graphic Design 1.5 units
  VART2516 Editorial Design 1.5 units
  VART2517 Screen Printing Basics 1.5 units
  VART2525 Advanced Screen Printing 1.5 units
  VART2526 Relief Printing 1.5 units
  VART2527 Intaglio Printing: Etching 1.5 units
  VART2535 Glass Blowing: Vessels 1.5 units
  VART2536 Glass Blowing: Basics 1.5 units
  VART2537 Glass Kiln-Forming 1.5 units
  VART2545 Glass Casting 1.5 units
  VART2546 Ceramics: Hand-building Techniques 1.5 units
  VART2547 Ceramics: Alternative Techniques 1.5 units
  VART2555 Ceramics: Wheel-throwing Techniques 1.5 units
  VART2556 Ceramics: Surface Treatments 1.5 units
  VART2557 Small Metal Jewellery: Cold 1.5 units
  VART2565 Small Metal Jewellery: Hot 1.5 units
  VART2566 Wearables: Pattern Making 1.5 units
  VART2567 Wearables: Dyeing and Decorating 1.5 units
  VART2575 Digital Tools: 3D-Software 1.5 units
  VART2576 Digital Tools: Prototyping 1.5 units
  VART2577 Hong Kong Crafts: Traditional Techniques 1.5 units
  VART2585 Hong Kong Crafts: Space-Saving Objects 1.5 units
  VART2586 Space and Site 1.5 units
  VART2587 Space and Display 1.5 units

  Studio and Media Arts Concentration

   VART2405 Drawing: Mark Making and Collage 1.5 units
   VART2406 Drawing: On Location 1.5 units
   VART2407 Life Drawing 1.5 units
   VART2415 Painting: Materials and Techniques 1.5 units
   VART2416 Painting: Approaches to Observation 1.5 units
   VART2417 Chinese Calligraphy: Seal and Clerical Scripts 1.5 units
   VART2425 Chinese Calligraphy: Standard and Semi-cursive Scripts 1.5 units
   VART2426 Chinese Seal Engraving: Seals with Chinese Characters 1.5 units
   VART2427 Chinese Seal Engraving: Pictorial Seals and New Materials 1.5 units
   VART2435 Chinese Painting: Gongbi 1.5 units
   VART2436 Chinese Painting: Experimental Expression 1.5 units
   VART2437 Chinese Painting: Xieyi 1.5 units
   VART2445 Chinese Painting: Landscape 1.5 units
   VART2446 Analogue Photography 1.5 units
   VART2447 Digital Photography 1.5 units
   VART2455 Video Basics 1.5 units
   VART2456 Video Studio 1.5 units
   VART2457 Sound Basics 1.5 units
   VART2465 Video and Sound Editing 1.5 units
   VART2466 Media Arts: Multimedia Authoring 1.5 units
   VART2467 Media Arts: Physical Media 1.5 units
   VART2475 Additive Sculpture: Clay and Plaster 1.5 units
   VART2476 Additive Sculpture: Bronze Casting 1.5 units
   VART2477 Subtractive Sculpture: Wood 1.5 units
   VART2485 Subtractive Sculpture: Stone 1.5 units


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