Master of Science in Applied Accounting and Finance

Programme Director: Dr YOUNG, Angus

In the 21st century professionals and entrepreneurs need to be multi-skilled to survive in a rapidly changing, competitive and multidimensional global market.  The Master of Science in Applied Accounting and Finance is a programme aimed at nurturing future business leaders with the right expertise to meet these challenges.  The curriculum is designed to equip graduates with knowledge and skills ranging from accounting, finance to regulatory compliance.  It also provides flexibility with the options of completing the porgramme in one-year full-time mode (3 trimesters, 2 to 4 courses in each trimester) or one and half-year part-time mode (5 trimesters, 2 courses in each trimester).

Students are required to take 10 coursework courses (a total of 30 units) and 1 non-credit bearing course. There are 8 required courses plus another 2 courses out of 6 electives to be offered by the Department of Finance and Decision Sciences and the Department of Accountancy and Law. Students may choose to perform an individual project as one of the elective courses under special circumstances with advance approval. Students can opt for concentrating more on either accounting or finance electives in light of their academic and working background and their needs for obtaining more knowledge and training in the accounting or finance field. Additional 1 non-credit bearing course can also widen the exposure of students, and bring them up-to-date various business issues.

Students who have successfully completed all courses specified in the “Requirements” section with an average cumulative GPA 2.50 or above will be awarded the degree of the Master of Science in Applied Accounting and Finance.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 24 units
II) Elective Courses 6 units
III) Non-credit bearing Course 0 unit
    30 units


I. Required Courses 24 units
  ACCT7210 Advanced Corporate Financial Reporting 3 units
  ACCT7220 Strategic Management Accounting and Controls 3 units
  ACCT7230 Issues on Internal and External Auditing 3 units
  ACCT7240 Accounting Theory and Policy 3 units
  FIN 7210 Corporate Finance 3 units
  FIN 7220 Investment and Portfolio Analysis 3 units
  FIN 7230 Financial Strategy 3 units
  FIN 7260 Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation 3 units
II. Elective Courses 6 units
  Two of the following courses:  
  ACCT7260 International Accounting and Taxation 3 units
  ACCT7270 Corporate Governance and Disclosures 3 units
  ACCT7280 Independent Study/Integrative Project (in Accounting)* 3 units
  FIN 7240 Derivative Securities and Risk Management 3 units
  FIN 7280 Independent Study/Integrative Project (in Finance)* 3 units
  ISEM7210 Business Processes and Information Management 3 units
III. Non-credit bearing Course 0 unit
  BUS 7510 MScAAF Seminars and Workshops 0 unit
    30 units

* The Independent Studies/Integrated Project can only be selected to replace an elective course under special circumstances and advance approval is required.

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