Minor Programme in Green Energy Science

Students seeking to pursue the study of a minor programme would need to fulfil 15 units of courses specified by the offering department/programme, with at least one course (3 units) at Leave 3 or 4. Note that no registration priority will be given to enrolment in minor courses. Upon completion of the 15 units required for the minor programmes, students should apply to the Academic Registry for approval.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 6 units
II) Elective Courses 9 units
    15 units


I. Required Courses 6 units
  PHYS2005 Heat and Motion 3 units
  PHYS3006 Renewable Energy Sources 3 units
II. Elective Courses 9 units
  PHYS1005 Introduction to Physics and Energy Science* 3 units
  PHYS2006 Electricity and Magnetism 3 units
  PHYS2007 Mathematical Methods for Physical Sciences 4 units
  PHYS2008 Green Energy Lab I 1 unit
  PHYS2009 Green Energy Lab II 1 unit
  PHYS2015 Guided Study in Physics and Energy Science I 3 units
  PHYS2115 Electronics 3 units
  PHYS3005 Atomic and Nuclear Physics 4 units
  PHYS3007 Energy Storage, Distribution and Conservation 3 units
  PHYS3015 Structure and Properties of Matter 3 units
  PHYS3016 Energy Management 3 units
  PHYS3017 Green Energy Lab with LabVIEW 3 units
  PHYS3025 Physics and Technology of Energy Conversion 3 units
  PHYS3027 Intermediate Electromagnetism 3 units
  PHYS3035 Energy and Thermodynamics 3 units
  PHYS3036 Mechanics 3 units
  PHYS3037 Guided Study in Physics and Energy Science II 3 units
  PHYS4005 Non-fossil Fuels 3 units
  PHYS4006 Advanced Green Energy Lab (Metrology) 3 units
  PHYS4007 Advances in Displays and Lighting 3 units
  PHYS4015 Introduction to Intellectual Property 2 units
  PHYS4016 Renewable Energy Materials and Devices 3 units
  PHYS4017 Semiconductor Physics and Devices 3 units
  PHYS4025 Solid State Physics I 3 units
  PHYS4026 Surface Analysis and Characterization 3 units
  PHYS4027 Computational Physics 3 units
  PHYS4035 Topics in Energy Science I 3 units
  PHYS4036 Topics in Energy Science II 3 units
  PHYS4037 Topics in Energy Science III 3 units
  PHYS4045 Electromagnetics Waves and Optics 3 units
  PHYS4046 Quantum Mechanics 4 units
  SCIP4005 Interdisciplinary Topics in Science, Organic Electronics 3 units
    15 units

* This elective course is for non-Science students only. All Science Faculty students are required to take this course and therefore they cannot use it to fulfil the course requirement for the minor programme in order to avoid double counting.

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