Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Translation

Programme Head: Dr NEATHER, Robert John

The aims of the HKBU Translation Programme accord with its mission and vision. They include:

  1. Providing professional translation training in a liberal arts and whole-person education environment;
  2. Helping students develop intellectual and critical skills as well as the capacity for life-long learning; and
  3. Helping students train themselves to perform communicative tasks professionally in bilingual/trilingual and bicultural settings.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Major Courses 54 units
II) Honours Project 6 units
III) General Education 38 units
IV) Free Electives# 30 units
    128 units

# Students may take additional GE courses in any categories to fulfil the “Free Electives” requirement but only a maximum of 6 units will be counted towards the fulfilment of the “Free Electives” requirement.


I. Major Courses 54 units
  Major Required Courses (39 units)  
  TRAN2005 Principles and Methods of Translation 3 units
  TRAN2006 Linguistics for Translators 3 units
  TRAN2027 Practical Translation 3 units
  TRAN3005 English for Translators I: Grammar, Structure and Style 3 units
  TRAN3006 Interpreting I 3 units
  TRAN3007 Culture and Translation 3 units
  TRAN3016 Professional Studies 3 units
  TRAN3025 Interpreting II 3 units
  TRAN4005 Theories and Philosophies I 3 units
  TRAN4006 Theories and Philosophies II 3 units
  TRAN4007 Appreciation, Criticism and Evaluation 3 units
  TRAN4037 Translation and Intercultural Studies 3 units
  TRAN4046 Placement Portfolio 3 units
  Major Elective Courses (15 units)  
  Five of the following courses:  
  TRAN1005 Introduction To Translation 3 units
  TRAN2007 Research Methods for Translation Studies 3 units
  TRAN2015 Communication and Translation 3 units
  TRAN2016 English for Translators II: Written Genres 3 units
  TRAN2017 Reading Chinese Literature in Translation 3 units
  TRAN2025 Translating Across Media 3 units
  TRAN2026 Contrastive Language Studies: English and Chinese 3 units
  TRAN3017 Drama Translation 3 units
  TRAN3026 Media Translation 3 units
  TRAN3027 Spanish/Chinese Translation 3 units
  TRAN3035 Introduction to Computer-aided Translation 3 units
  TRAN4015 Gender and Translation 3 units
  TRAN4016 Interpreting III 3 units
  TRAN4017 Interpreting IV 3 units
  TRAN4025 Legal and Government Document Translation 3 units
  TRAN4026 Literary Translation 3 units
  TRAN4027 Special Topic(s) in Translation 3 units
  TRAN4035 Translation of Scientific and Technological Texts 3 units
  TRAN4036 Translation, Publishing and Global Circulation 3 units
  TRAN4045 Intersemiotic Translation, Adaptation and Intertextuality 3 units
  TRAN4047 Translation Workshop 3 units
  TRAN4055 Comparative Topics in Chinese/Hispanic Cultures 3 units
II. Honours Project 6 units
  TRAN4898 Honours Project 3 units
  TRAN4899 Honours Project 3 units
III. General Education 38 units
IV. Free Electives 30 units
    128 units


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