Applied Economics Concentration

Applied Economics Concentration offers students both broad-based knowledge and technical skills, which are the combination that employers demand nowadays.  Besides traditional economics core courses that allow students to analyse individual markets and macroeconomics, we equip students with updated economic knowledge, skills and information technology in data analysis that are practical in the industry.

Graduates can develop a wide range of career options in business and government sectors, such as research analysts in business strategy development, public policy analysts for consulting firms, government and public utilities, management in some advanced areas in financial sectors, including credit analyst, risk management and treasury, as well as teachers of economics or liberal studies.


 Concentration Required Courses 9 units
  ECON3005 Applied Econometrics 3 units
  ECON3076 Intermediate Microeconomics 3 units
  ECON3077 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3 units
 Concentration Elective Courses 12 units
  ECON2015 Economies of Hong Kong and the Pan-Pearl River Delta 3 units
  ECON2016 Mathematics for Economists 3 units
  ECON2035 Introduction to Technical Analysis 3 units
  ECON2036 Crisis Economics 3 units
  ECON3006 Asia-Pacific Economies 3 units
  ECON3007 Industrial Organization and Business Decision 3 units
  ECON3015 Public Finance 3 units
  ECON3016 International Trade 3 units
  ECON3017 International Financial Economics 3 units
  ECON3025 Money and Banking 3 units
  ECON3026 Chinese Economic Developments 3 units
  ECON3027 Mathematical Analysis for Economics 3 units
  ECON3036 Economics of Human Resources 3 units
  ECON3055 Games and Economic Decisions 3 units
  ECON3056 Real Estate Economics 3 units
  ECON3066 Business Economics Internship 3 units
  ECON3085 Economics of Entrepreneurship 3 units
  ECON4006 Economic and Business Forecasting 3 units
  ECON4007 Money and Finance in China 3 units
  ECON4015 Big Data Analytics 3 units
    21 units
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