Data and Media Communication Concentration


Concentration Required Courses—Bridging Courses  6 units
  JOUR2107 Introduction to Journalism and Communications 3 units
  JOUR2085 Introduction to English News Reporting and Writing 3 units
Concentration Required Courses—Core Courses 12 units
  COMP3925 Data Analysis Studio 1 unit
  COMP4115 Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization 3 units
  COMP4908 Data Media Project I 3 units
  JOUR2076 Data Journalism 3 units
  JOUR3155 Investigative Reporting for Data and Media Communication 2 units
Concentration Elective Course ** 3 units
  COMP4015 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 3 units
  COMP4027 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 3 units
  COMP4045 Human-Computer Interaction 3 units
  COMP4075 Social Computing and Web Intelligence 3 units
  COMP4909 Data Media Project II 3 units
  COMP7930 Big Data Analytics 3 units
  JOUR2005 Broadcast Reporting and Production 2 units
  JOUR2086 Multiplatform Journalism 2 units
  JOUR2105 Visual Journalism 3 units
  JOUR3096 Current Affairs and News Analysis 3 units
  JOUR3115 Media Management 3 units
  JOUR4005 Theory and Practice of Journalism in China 3 units
    21 units
** Any course approved by the Department of Computer Science and Department of Journalism.  


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