Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Analytical and Testing Sciences

Programme Director: Dr LI, Hung Wing

The aims of the four-year full-time undergraduate programme of Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Analytical and Testing Sciences are:

  1. To provide students with a broad-based training in all major scientific disciplines for supporting their study in analytical science which is multi-disciplinary in nature;
  2. To provide students with a solid knowledge base and skills in the variety of techniques used to solve a diversity of problems in analytical and testing science;
  3. To help students to develop an analytical mind and good problem-solving skills needed to solve the diversity of problems encountered in their career as a professional analyst;
  4. To equip students with a solid knowledge base in science and analytical science to support their career developments and further education in this and related fields.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Major Courses 55-58 units
II) Project 3-6 units
III) General Education 38 units
IV) Free Electives# 30 units
    129 units

# Students may take additional GE courses in any categories to fulfil the “Free Electives” requirement but only a maximum of 6 units will be counted towards the fulfilment of the “Free Electives” requirement.


I. Major Courses 55-58 units
  Major Required Courses (49 units)  
  BIOL1005 Introduction to Biology 3 units
  BIOL3046 Foundation of Bioanalysis 3 units
  BIOL3047 Foundation of Bioanalysis Laboratory 1 unit
  CHEM1005 Introduction to Chemistry 3 units
  CHEM2015 Analytical Chemistry 3 units
  CHEM2016 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 1 unit
  CHEM2036 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry 3 units
  CHEM2037 Analytical and Testing Science Tutorials I 0 unit
  CHEM2045 Analytical and Testing Science Tutorials II 0 unit
  CHEM2046 Physical and Inorganic Chemistry 3 units
  CHEM2047 Chemistry Laboratory for Analytical and Testing Sciences 1 unit
  CHEM3005 Instrumental Analysis 3 units
  CHEM3006 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory 1 unit
  CHEM3027 Materials Testing and Characterization 3 units
  CHEM3035 Integrated Laboratory for Analytical and Testing Sciences 1 unit
  CHEM4025 Advanced Instrumental Analysis 3 units
  CHEM4076 Chemical Testing Laboratory Management
and Accreditation
4 units
  COMP1005 Essence of Computing 3 units
  MATH1005 Calculus 3 units
  PHYS1005 Introduction to Physics and Energy Science 3 units
  PHYS3026 Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Laboratory 3 units
  SCIE1005 Integrated Science Laboratory 1 unit
  Major Elective Courses (6-9 units)  
  BUSI1005 The World of Business 3 units
  CHEM4017 Environmental Analysis 3 units
  CHEM4027 Bioanalytical Chemistry 3 units
  CHEM4047 Pharmaceutical Chemistry 3 units
  CHEM4057 Spectroscopic Techniques for Structure Determination 3 units
  CHEM4077 Dissertation in Analytical and Testing Sciences 3 units
  CHEM4085 Food Analysis 3 units
  CHEM4086 Forensic Analytical Chemistry 3 units
  PCMD2006 Phytochemistry 4 units
  PHYS4026 Surface Analysis and Characterization 3 units
II. Project 3-6 units
  CHEM4878 Final Year Project I 3 units
  CHEM4879 Final Year Project II** 3 units
III. General Education 38 units
IV. Free Electives 30 units
    129 units

** It can be taken in lieu of CHEM4077 Dissertation in Analytical and Testing Sciences or one 3-unit Major Elective Course with departmental approval.

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