Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Government and International Studies

BSocSc (Hons) in Government and International Studies provides a programme of study which is intended to give students a firm grasp of the different areas of political science. These cover political sociology (including political institutions, political culture and political behaviour), government and public policy-making, international relations and political economy, political theory and political thought, and political methodology. In geographical terms, the programme focuses on the politics of Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the Asia-Pacific region. The programme seeks to sharpen the student’s awareness by incorporating a systematic, comparative and international dimension, drawing both on the China Studies and European Studies programmes.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Major Courses 54 units
II) Honours Project 6 units
III) General Education 38 units
IV) Free Electives# 30 units
    128 units

# Students may take additional GE courses in any categories to fulfil the “Free Electives” requirement but only a maximum of 6 units will be counted towards the fulfilment of the “Free Electives” requirement.


I. Major Courses 54 units
  Major Required Courses (30 units)  
  POLS1005 Foundations of Political Science 3 units
  POLS2006 Introduction to Political Economy 3 units
  POLS2007 Introduction to Research Methods 3 units
  POLS2015 Government and Politics of Hong Kong 3 units
  POLS2016 Political Movements: Chinese and European 3 units
  POLS2017 Foundations of International Relations 3 units
  POLS3006 Statistical and Survey Methods for Political Science 3 units
  POLS3017 Government and Politics of China 3 units
  POLS4005 World Order Issues 3 units
  POLS4006 International Political Economy 3 units
  Major Elective Courses (24 units)  
  Eight of the following courses:  
  International Relations  
  EURO2015 Model European Union 3 units
  POLS4206 China and the World 3 units
  POLS4217 International Organizations and Regimes 3 units
  POLS4227 Security Studies 3 units
  POLS4236 Theories of International Relations 3 units
  POLS4245 Topics in Comparative and Global Politics 3 units
  Comparative Politics  
  EURO2007 The Political Economy of the European Union 3 units
  EURO3205 Comparative Politics of Post-Communist Central Europe 3 units
  EURO4005 Current Issues of European Integration 3 units
  POLS2205 European Politics and Society: French Political and Government System 3 units
  POLS2206 European Politics and Society: German Political Systems and Society 3 units
  POLS3206 Government and Politics of Japan 3 units
  POLS3207 Government and Politics of the United Kingdom 3 units
  POLS3215 Government and Politics of the United States 3 units
  POLS3217 Political Philosophy: Chinese and European 3 units
  POLS4207 Comparative Public Administration 3 units
  POLS4215 Contemporary Europe and Asia 3 units
  POLS4216 Democratization in East and Southeast Asia 3 units
  POLS4225 Political Cultures and Economies in Transition 3 units
  POLS4226 Public Affairs and Public Policy 3 units
  POLS4237 Topics in Asian Politics 3 units
  POLS4246 Topics in European Politics 3 units
  Chinese Politics  
  POLS3205 Chinese Legal System 3 units
  POLS4235 Social and Political Developments in Contemporary China 3 units
II. Honours Project 6 units
  POLS4898 Honours Project 3 units
  POLS4899 Honours Project 3 units
III. General Education 38 units
IV. Free Electives 30 units
    128 units


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