Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Writing for Film, Television and New Media

Programme Director: Mr TAM, Yee Lok

The self-funded four-year programme concentrates on creative writing and professional scripts for feature film, television/web serial drama, variety show, and new media such as mobile phone TV, film/video, web film and drama, videogames, 3D-animation and digital radio broadcasting.

In order to graduate, students of the programme need to complete a total of 128 units, including 66 units of major courses, 38 units of General Education and 24 units of Free Elective Courses. Some of the Major courses will be conducted in workshop-style by professional writers with a wide variety of skills and experience. It provides students with the training and knowledge with a focus on the visual tools of interactive and visually cinematic storytelling.

Upon completion of the programme, students will be capable of writing professional and creative scripts for feature film, television drama series, web film and drama, videogames, mobile phone video, 3D-animation and digital radio broadcasting, etc.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Major Courses 66 units
II) General Education 38 units
III) Free Electives 24 units
    128 units


I. Major Courses 66 units
  Major Required Courses (51 units)  
  CRWG3005 Creative Writing for New Media I 3 units
  CRWG3006 Introduction to Film and New Media 3 units
  CRWG3015 Television Writing Workshop I 3 units
  CRWG3016 Television Writing Workshop II 3 units
  CRWG3025 Screenwriting Workshop I 3 units
  CRWG3026 Screenwriting Workshop II 3 units
  CRWG3035 Cinematic Storytelling 3 units
  CRWG3045 Creative Thinking 3 units
  CRWG3065 Selected Readings in World Literature 3 units
  CRWG3075 Adaptation Seminar: Literature, Drama and Cinema 3 units
  CRWG3085 Mobile Communication 3 units
  CRWG3095 The Languages of New Media 3 units
  CRWG4005 Creative Writing for New Media II 3 units
  CRWG4015 Graduation Project I 3 units
  CRWG4016 Graduation Project II 3 units
  CRWG4045 New Media Studies in Greater China (Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China) 3 units
  CRWG4065 Studies in Screenplays 3 units
  Major Elective Courses (15 units)  
  CRWG4055 Studies in Film and Television Classics 3 units
  CRWG4115 Film, Television and Culture Studies 3 units
  CRWG4125 Selected Readings in Chinese Literature 3 units
  CRWG4135 Seminar on Script Sales and Creativity Transfer 3 units
  CRWG4145 Special Topics in Film, Television and New Media 3 units
  CRWG4155 Special Topics in Hollywood Cinema 3 units
  CRWG4165 Special Topics in Hong Kong Cinema 3 units
  CRWG4175 Studies in Non-Fiction Films 3 units
  CRWG4185 Toy, Game and Children Culture 3 units
  CRWG4195 Film Genres 3 units
  CRWG4905 Supervision of Internship 0 unit
  ICMT3027 Marketing Principles 3 units
  ICMT3145 Digital Communication 3 units
  ICMT3195 Understanding Theatre Arts 3 units
II. General Education 38 units
  Core Requirements (26 units)  
  University English 6 units
  University Chinese 3 units
  Public Speaking 3 units
  Information Management Technology 3 units
  Numeracy 3 units
  History and Civilization 3 units
  Values and the Meaning of Life 3 units
  Physical Education 2 units
  University Life (at least 4 items of Co-curricular Learning Programmes) 0 unit
  Distribution Requirements (12 units)  
  Science/Chinese Medicine  
  Social Sciences  
III. Free Electives Courses 24 units
    128 units
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