Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Green Energy and Smart Technology

Programme Director: Dr SHI, Jue

The BSc (Hons) in Green Energy and Smart Technology programme aims at training young professionals with the knowledge and practical skills to develop and implement green and smart technology-driven approaches for a career in the rapidly expanding sector of smart and net-zero carbon city development. In addition to the university-wide whole person education, the specific objectives are to equip students with:

  1. A solid and broad foundation in green energy to build up their careers or to pursue further studies;
  2. Experimental, theoretical, and computational skills to meet the needs and challenges of contemporary society; and
  3. Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Major Courses 64 units
II) Project 3 units
III) University Core Courses 13 units
IV) General Education Courses 18 units
V) Free Electives 30 units
    128 units


I. Major Courses 64 units
  Science Common Core Courses (13–16 units)  
  PHYS1005 Introduction to Green Energy 3 units
  SCIE1005 Integrated Science Laboratory 1 unit
  Either four courses from the following list OR three courses from the following list and one course from the Major Elective Courses: 
  BIOL1005 Introduction to Biology 3 units
  CHEM1005 Introduction to Chemistry 3 units
  COMP1005 Essence of Computing 3 units
  MATH1025 Understanding Mathematics and Statistics 3 units
  Major Required Courses (36 units)  
  GEST2005 Energy Foundation I: Heat and Motion 3 units
  GEST2006 Energy Foundation II: Electricity and Magnetism 3 units
  GEST2007 Renewable Energy Technology  3 units
  GEST2015 Energy Storage and Distribution 3 units
  GEST2016 Green Energy Laboratory I 1 unit
  GEST2017 Green Energy Laboratory II  1 unit
  GEST2025 Mathematical Methods 3 units
  GEST3005 Smart Sensors and IoT 4 units
  GEST3006 Digital Technology for Network Communication 3 units
  GEST3007 Sustainable Transportation Technology  3 units
  GEST3015 Smart Materials: Structures and Properties 3 units
  GEST4005 Carbon Audit and Energy Audit  3 units
  GEST4006 Energy Management of Green Building 3 units
  Major Elective Courses (12-15 units)  
  BIOL2035 Introduction to Environmental Sciences 3 units
  CHEM4006 Environmental Chemistry and Pollution 3 units
  GEOG3007 Energy Problems and the Environment 3 units
  GEOG4016 Sustainable Energy and Technological Innovation in China 3 units
  GEOG4065 Energy Policy and Analysis 3 units
  GEST2026 Guided Study in Energy Science I 3 units
  GEST3016 Machine Learning: from Data to Model 3 units
  GEST3017 Green Energy Lab with Smart Devices 3 units
  GEST3025 Guided Study in Energy Science II 3 units
  GEST4007 Advanced Green Energy Laboratory 3 units
  GEST4015 Advances in Displays and Lighting 3 units
  GEST4016 Topics in Energy Science I 3 units
  GEST4017 Topics in Energy Science II 3 units
  GEST4025 Topics in Energy Science III 3 units
  GEST4899 Final Year Project II 3 units
  SCIP4005 Interdisciplinary Topics in Science - Organic Electronics 3 units
II. Project 3 units
  GEST4898 Final Year Project I 3 units
III. University Core Courses 13 units
IV. General Education Courses 18 units
V. Free Electives 30 units
    128 units


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