Human Resources Management Concentration

Today, human resources professionals are essential partners in driving excellence in performance and innovation. Organizations have prized human capital as the most critical strategic asset. From Finance to Retail, from R&D to customer service, people fuel organizations’ competitiveness in the market, excel in various organizational capacities, and champion in sustainability. The uniqueness of each individual employee requires organizations to take a people-centric approach to design policies and practices to create a delightful employee experience.

The Human Resources Management concentration aims to nurture the next generations of business talents and HR professionals with an innovative mind, a caring heart, a can-do attitude and a global vision that embrace the people-centric approach in managing and developing people in organizations. Our curriculum covers the essential areas of HRM, such as learning and development, people resourcing and employer branding, performance appraisal and rewards, and employment law and practices. To empower students to practice evidence-based HRM, training in conducting HR research and analytics is provided. A broad range of concentration elective courses are offered to enable students to understand the frontiers of the HRM field, work with people from diverse backgrounds, and be agile. The HRM concentration is geared to equip our graduates with the essential competencies to design, implement, and evaluate HR strategies and practices to elevate human capital performance and support business growth.


 Concentration Required Courses 15 units
  HRMN3005 Learning and Development 3 units
  HRMN3006 People Resourcing and Employer Branding 3 units
  HRMN4005 Performance Appraisal and Rewards 3 units
  HRMN4006 Employment Law and Practices 3 units
  HRMN4016 Research Methods and Analytics for People Management 3 units
 Concentration Elective Courses 6 units
  BUSI3025 Cross-cultural and Comparative Management 3 units
  BUSI3065 Me, Us and Them: The Human Factor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3 units
  BUSI3066 Brain Science for Business 3 units
  HRMN3007 Applied Social Psychology in Organizations 3 units
  HRMN3015 Leadership 3 units
  HRMN3016 Negotiation 3 units
  HRMN3025 Employee Wellness 3 units
  HRMN3026 Human Resources Management Internship 3 units
  HRMN4007 Human Resources Management in China 3 units
  HRMN4015 Human Resources Strategy and Planning 3 units
    21 units
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