Quantitative Data Analysis Concentration

  1. To strength students' ability in quantitative analysis and in making statistically sound interpretations, based on the solid knowledge in mathematics and statistics; and
  2. To incorporate the underlying theory, principles, and techniques of applied mathematics and statistics with scientific computation tools and statistical and computing software packages to solve practical problems.


Concentration Elective Courses  21 units
  MATH3416 Complex Analysis 3 units
  MATH3427 Real Analysis 3 units
  MATH3605 Numerical Methods II 3 units
  MATH3815 Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments 3 units
  MATH3816 Statistical Analysis of Sample Surveys 3 units
  MATH3826 Markov Chain and Queuing Theory 3 units
  MATH3836 Data Mining 3 units
  MATH4205 Topics in Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes 3 units
  MATH4615 Introduction to Numerical Linear Algebra 3 units
  MATH4805 Applied Nonparametric Statistics 3 units
  MATH4807 Categorical Data Analysis 3 units
  MATH4817 Stochastic Models 3 units
  MATH4825 Survival Analysis 3 units
  MATH4826 Time Series and Forecasting 3 units
  MATH4875 Special Topics in Statistics I 3 units
  MATH4876 Special Topics in Statistics II 3 units
  MATH4877 Special Topics in Statistics III 3 units
    21 units


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