Master of Public Administration

Programme Director: Prof LAU, Patrick W C

The programme aims to provide students a comprehensive knowledge of public administration in Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland and the world. Emphasis is placed on east-west interaction with a comparative element. The programme can meet the needs of employees of the government and non-profit making organizations. People working in the business sector will also find it useful to understand the policy and public affairs at local, national and international level.

The programme is designed to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. To provide students with a solid foundation in public administration, such as in the Mainland and also from a comparative and global perspective;
  2. To illustrate the relation to law, ethics and other aspects of the public affairs;
  3. To develop students' ability in the management of human resources, finance, sport and public amenities; and
  4. To enable students to become reflective and critical administrators with the ability to assess and respond to the changing needs of society.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 18 units
II) Elective Courses 12 units
    30 units


I. Required Courses 18 units
  POLS7040 Law and Public Affairs 3 units
  POLS7050 Public Administration 3 units
  POLS7060 Research Methods for Public Administration Practitioners 3 units
  POLS7140 Public Policy and Governance 3 units
  POLS7150 Ethics and Public Affairs 3 units
  POLS7160 Theories of Public Administration 3 units
II. Elective Courses 12 units
  Four of the following courses: 
  COMM7510 Public Administration and the Media 3 units
  ECON7080 Economics of Public Policy* 3 units
  EDUC7950 Public Health 3 units
  FIN 7070 Finance and Accounting for the Public Sector* 3 units
  GEOG7310 Environmental Contaminants and Health Risk Assessment 3 units
  GEOG7580 Urban Cultural Landscape 3 units
  HIST7320 Contemporary China and Globalization 3 units
  MGNT7080 Managing People in the Public Sector 3 units
  P.E.7010 Programme and Event Planning and Management 3 units
  POLS7020 E-Government 3 units
  POLS7070 Project  6 units
  POLS7080 Fieldwork Learning in China/Asia Public Administration 3 units
  POLS7090 International Political Economy 3 units
  POLS7110 World Order Issues 3 units
  POLS7120 Theories of International Relations 3 units
  SLM 7080 Health Promotion 3 units
  SOSC7310 Concepts, Theories and Institutions of Global Studies 3 units
  SOSC7320 Debating Global Society 3 units
  SOSC7330 Globalizations 3 units
  SOSC7340 Global Civil Society 3 units
  SOSC7380 Medicine, Society and Culture: Public Health Perspectives 3 units
    30 units

FIN 7070 Finance and Accounting for the Public Sector and ECON7080 Economics of Public Policy will be offered on a rotation basis.

There are three concentrations available in the programme and they are as follows:

- Global Cultures Concentration
- Global Environmental Health Concentration
- Global Political Economy Concentration

The programme is designed to be completed in four semesters by part-time study mode, part-time students will normally graduate in two years. Full-time study mode will complete the programme in two semesters, full-time students will normally graduate in one year. With special permission, individual students can apply for extension of study but in no cases the period of study be allowed to exceed three years for part-time students and two years for full-time students.

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