Actuarial Statistics Concentration

  1. To provide an environment for students to understand, learn, and master the basic modelling and technical knowledge in the major areas of statistics and actuarial science; and
  2.  To incorporate the underlying theory, principles, and techniques of statistical models to solve problems in insurance, finance and other industries and professions.


Concentration Required Courses 12 units
  MATH3837 Actuarial Mathematics 3 units
  MATH4827 Actuarial Mathematics II* 3 units
  MATH4835 Property and Casualty Insurance* 3 units
  MATH4836 Theory of Pension* 3 units
Concentration Elective Courses 9 units
  MATH3826 Markov Chain and Queuing Theory 3 units
  MATH4205 Topics in Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes 3 units
  MATH4817 Stochastic Models 3 units
  MATH4825 Survival Analysis 3 units
  MATH4826 Time Series and Forecasting 3 units
    21 units


(1) Courses marked by * are offered by Simon Fraser University (SFU) and students will study at SFU for at least 1 semester as exchange students or visiting students.

(2) Course MATH2805 Mathematics of Compound Interest should be taken in Semester 2 of Year 2 and course MATH3837 Actuarial Mathematics should be taken in Semester 1 of Year 3 as they are the pre-requisite requirements for courses MATH4827 Actuarial Mathematics II, MATH4835 Property and Casualty Insurance, and MATH4836 Theory of Pension. Students are required to fulfil the pre-requisite requirements before studying at SFU.

(3) Students are recommended to study at SFU in Semester 2 of Year 3.

(4) Interested students with good academic standing (GPA of 3.0 or above) should submit applications to the Department to declare Concentration after completing MATH2805. Students are admitted by the highest GPA until the quota is filled. Entrance to the Concentration must be approved by the Department before students studying abroad at SFU.

(5) Students returning from exchange at SFU will follow the normal procedure to apply for transfer of units but the grades will NOT be transferred or included in the GPA calculation.

(6) Other than claiming Concentration at HKBU, students will not get certificate from SFU and will not be granted exemption of profession qualification examinations by completing the Concentration.

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