Directed Studies Concentration


Concentration Elective Courses 21 units
  (1) Choose from music electives and/or other concentration courses that are not limited to concentration students only as directed by the concentration coordinator.

(2) The maximum number of units of Chamber Music/Group Instrument/Vocal Study is capped at 6 units.
  MUSI2005 Chamber Music I 1 unit
  MUSI2007 Group Instrument/Vocal Study I 1 unit
  MUSI2017 Chamber Music II 1 unit
  MUSI2026 Group Instrument/Vocal Study II 1 unit
  MUSI2027 Composition I 2 units
  MUSI2035 Music Technology II 3 units
  MUSI2045 Introduction to Music Education 3 units
  MUSI2046 Electro-Acoustic Music I 3 units
  MUSI2047 Conducting I 3 units
  MUSI3005 Chamber Music III 1 unit
  MUSI3006 Chamber Music IV 1 unit
  MUSI3007 Group Instrument/Vocal Study III 1 unit
  MUSI3015 Group Instrument/Vocal Study IV 1 unit
  MUSI3016 Orchestration I 2 units
  MUSI3017 Orchestration II 2 units
  MUSI3025 Composition II 3 units
  MUSI3026 Electro-Acoustic Music II 3 units
  MUSI3027 Conducting II 3 units
  MUSI3035 School Music Education: Hong Kong and Beyond I 3 units
  MUSI3036 Chinese Music Topic I 2 units
  MUSI3037 Chinese Music Topic II 2 units
  MUSI3045 Comparative Studies of Asian and Western Music 2 units
  MUSI3046 Western Music History Topic I 2 units
  MUSI3047 Western Music History Topic II 2 units
  MUSI3055 Form and Analysis II 3 units
  MUSI3056 Music and the Brain 3 units
  MUSI3057 Musicianship IV 2 units
  MUSI3058 Style and Performance I 3 units
  MUSI3059 Style and Performance II 3 units
  MUSI3065 Service Leadership and Community Engagement in Music 3 units
  MUSI4005 Composition III 3 units
  MUSI4006 School Music Education: Hong Kong and Beyond II 3 units
  MUSI4007 Chamber Music V 1 unit
  MUSI4015 Chamber Music VI  1 unit
  MUSI4016 Principles of Pedagogy 2 units
  MUSI4017 Conducting III 3 units
  MUSI4025 Special Topics in Music I 2 units
  MUSI4026 Special Topics in Music II 2 units
  MUSI4027 Special Topics in Music III 2 units
    21 units


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