Master of Fine Arts in Film, Television and Digital Media

Programme Director: Prof LEE, Daw-Ming

The Master of Fine Arts in Film, Television and Digital Media is a three-year, full-time programme, leading to a terminal degree in creative media production. It is the first of its kind in Hong Kong and mainland China. The programme emphasises professional employment in the media industry and/or teaching posts at universities.

The programme aims at enriching media workers or university graduates to systematically acquire broad experiences in film, TV and the digital media, and to independently create high quality works in particular media forms. Also, we will provide opportunities for the specialised technicians trained at other institutions, therefore contributing in an integral manner to foster complementary education among our tertiary institutions.

We offer advanced training to our students through a combination of production and non-production programmes, in the professional, conceptual and aesthetic aspects of film, television, and digital media. Students will gain valuable creative experience with systematic in-class activities, which are grounded on the knowledge structure of audio-visual production. Students will produce traditional and innovative works and develop their conceptual, aesthetic and technical abilities in various media channels.

Graduates of this programme will become media professionals with artistic sense, social responsibility, and international vision. Some of their career goals will be produces, directors, screenwriters, and other professional areas in the media industry. They will be able to move the industry forward, especially in the age of digital production, and enable it to compete globally. Graduates with an MFA degree are also eligible to take up teaching posts at universities.

Students are required to take at least 19 courses (57 units) in order to obtain the necessary training to take up their thesis project, which bears another 9 units, summing up to a total of 66 units for the entire programme. Normally the programme is offered on a full-time study basis taking three calendar years to complete.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Courses 39 units
II) Elective Courses 27 units
    66 units


I. Required Courses 39 units
  CTV 7010 Film Production I 3 units
  CTV 7020 Television Studio Production 3 units
  CTV 7040 Film Production II 3 units
  CTV 7081 MFA Thesis Project I 3 units
  CTV 7082 MFA Thesis Project II 6 units
  CTV 7100 Script Writing 3 units
  CTV 7140 Seminar on Documentary Films 3 units
  CTV 7220 World Cinema: History and Aesthetics 3 units
  CTV 7240 Film Theory and Criticism 3 units
  CTV 7360 Idea, Story, Script 3 units
  CTV 7400 Explorations in Digital Media 3 units
  CTV 7410 Digital Media Production 3 units
II. Elective Courses 27 units
  Creativity and Production Courses
  Students must take at least 12 units from the following category: 
  CTV 7050 Advanced Television Studio Production 3 units
  CTV 7110 Advanced Script Writing 3 units
  CTV 7120 Creativity Workshop 3 units
  CTV 7130 Comedy: Theory and Practice 3 units
  CTV 7150 Dramatic Film/TV Production 3 units
  CTV 7160 Documentary Film Production 3 units
  CTV 7170 Advanced Dramatic Film/TV Production 3 units
  CTV 7370 Cinematography for Directors 3 units
  CTV 7380 Dramaturgy and Directing 3 units
  CTV 7420 Basic Acting Techniques 3 units
  CTV 7430 Visual Effects 3 units
  CTV 7440 Television Drama Writing 3 units
  CTV 7470 Special Topics - Professional Development I 3 units
  CTV 7490 Sound Design for Media 3 units
  CTV 7510 Advertising Fundamentals and Promotional Film Production 3 units
  CTV 7530 Special Topics - Professional Development II 3 units
  Theory and Specialised Topics Courses
  Students must take at least 9 units of courses from the following category: 
  CTV 7070 Media Management 3 units
  CTV 7230 Seminar on Chinese Cinemas 3 units
  CTV 7260 Hong Kong Media and Globalization 3 units
  CTV 7270 Current Issues of Asian Media 3 units
  CTV 7290 Critique of Contemporary Arts 3 units
  CTV 7300 Seminar on Great Works and Human Condition 3 units
  CTV 7450 Alternative Cinema 3 units
  CTV 7460 Film and Other Arts 3 units
  CTV 7480 Special Topics - Aesthetics and Appreciation I 3 units
  CTV 7500 Film and Literature 3 units
  CTV 7520 Special Topics - Aesthetics and Appreciation II 3 units
  CTV 7540 Seminar on Television and New Media 3 units
  Other Elective Courses  
  CTV 7310 Independent Study 3 units
  CTV 7330 Internship 3 units
  Elective Courses from MA in Communication (MACOMM), MA in Producing for Film, Television and New Media (MAFTNM) and MSocSc in Media Management (MMGT)^  
  MACOMM Courses  
  COMM7040 Issues in Intercultural Communication 3 units
  COMM7050 Media and Communication in Chinese Societies 3 units
  COMM7060 Issues in Corporation Communications 3 units
  COMM7160 Organizational Communication 3 units
  COMM7170 Communication Campaign Workshop 3 units
  COMM7180 Media Law and Ethics 3 units
  COMM7190 Issues and Cases in Mass Communication 3 units
  COMM7200 New Media Workshop 3 units
  COMM7220 Advertising Management 3 units
  COMM7230 Writing for Multimedia in Public Relations 3 units
  COMM7240 Media Markets 3 units
  COMM7250 Strategic Public Relations and Crisis Management 3 units
  COMM7300 Consumer Insights 3 units
  COMM7310 International Advertising 3 units
  MAFTNM Courses  
  A.F.7450 Case Studies in Production and the Market  3 units
  A.F.7460 Graduate Seminar on Film, Television and New Media Business  3 units
  A.F.7470 Seminar on Non-Mainstream Producing  3 units
  A.F.7480 Film, Television, New Media and Globalization  3 units
  A.F.7540 The Art and Practice of Digital Media  3 units
  A.F.7550 Graduate Seminar on Chinese New Waves Cinema  3 units
  A.F.7560 Multimedia Platform Programming Positioning and Branding  3 units
  A.F.7580 Graduate Seminar on a Director's Palette  3 units
  A.F.7600 Narrative Storytelling 3 units
  MMGT Courses  
  COMM7260 Introduction to Media Management 3 units
  COMM7270 Media Policies and Regulations 3 units
  COMM7280 Communication Technologies and Media Organizations 3 units
  FIN 7250 Corporate Financial Management 3 units
  MKT 7070 Global Marketing Strategy 3 units
  MGNT7090 Strategic Management and Business Policy 3 units
    66 units

^ Students may only select TWO electives at most from courses offered by the MA in Communication, MA in Producing for Film, TV and New Media (MAFTNM) and MSocSc in Media Management in their whole course of study.

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