Liberal Studies Concentration

This concentration is intended for school teachers and professionals who are teaching Liberal Studies or related subjects in primary or secondary schools in Hong Kong. It provides advanced studies and subject knowledge in Liberal Studies from multi-disciplinary perspectives and addresses core issues in the subject.


  1. To acquire background knowledge and related theories in teaching the subject;
  2. To strengthen teachers’ understanding of themselves, Hong Kong society, China and the world from multiple-perspectives of views;
  3. To enhance critical awareness and creative response on perennial and contemporary issues in different contexts, such as cultural, social, economic and political contexts; and
  4. To develop greater appreciation and respect for different values in a pluralistic society and ability to handle conflicting values.


Concentration Required Courses  12 units
  EDUC7870 Self and Personal Development 3 units
  EDUC7920 Issues in Hong Kong Society and Culture 3 units
  EDUC7940 China and Chinese Culture in Global Society 3 units
  EDUC7950 Public Health 3 units
    12 units


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