Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

The main objectives of the BA (Hons) in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics programme are as follows:

  1. To equip students with critical, analytical and interpretative skills with which they may understand religious and philosophical traditions, and schools of ethical thought in an objective way;
  2. To provide students with substantial information about ideas and practices of major religious and philosophical traditions, thus building a solid foundation for their understanding and interpretation;
  3. To help students develop capability in correlating religious ideas and values, philosophical traditions, and schools of ethical thought to socio-cultural problems;
  4. To widen students’ perspective in the understanding of both the human person and human culture through a comparative study of different religious and philosophical traditions, showing the range of human responses to life problems;
  5. To prepare students for postgraduate studies in at least some major religious or philosophical traditions; and
  6. To assist students in preparing for careers in education, cultural affairs and related fields.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Major Courses 54 units
II) Honours Project 6 units
III) University Core Courses 13 units
IV) General Education Courses 18 units
V) Free Electives# 37 units
    128 units

# Students may take additional Healthy Lifestyle courses and/or General Education (Level 1 or 2) courses in any categories, subject to a maximum of 6 units, to fulfil the Free Electives requirement.

Major Courses and Honours Project (60 units)
The programme of BA (Hons) in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics provides a curriculum of 60 units progressing from introductory to advanced courses over a four-year period. The curriculum culminates in the Honours Project which will enable the student to complete a significant and independent work.

General Education Courses and Free Electives (68 units)
These courses enable students to acquire an understanding of a lively feeling for values, so that they are better to cope with the challenges of the complex socio-economic, cultural, religious and political aspects of life in the modern world.


I. Major Courses 54 units
  Major Required Courses (21 units)  
  RELI1005 Quest for Truth and Meaning 3 units
  RELI2006 Introduction to Christianity and Civilizations 3 units
  RELI2007 Problems of Philosophy 3 units
  RELI2015 Approaches to the Study of Religion 3 units
  RELI2027 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy and Religion 3 units
  RELI2035 Introduction to Ethics 3 units
  RELI2036 Social Scientific Study of Religion 3 units
  Major Elective Courses (33 units)  
  At least two courses from each of the four study areas: 
  Study Area A: Philosophical Studies  
  RELI3006 Major Streams in Chinese Philosophy 3 units
  RELI3007 Philosophy, Meaning and Knowledge 3 units
  RELI3027 Existentialism and Nihilism 3 units
  RELI3056 Philosophy of Mind, Consciousness, and Personal Identity 3 units
  RELI3065 History of Modern Western Philosophy 3 units
  RELI3087 Metaphysics: Quest for Reality 3 units
  RELI3095 Logic and Philosophy of Logic 3 units
  RELI3096 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy 3 units
  RELI4005 Philosophy of Religion 3 units
  RELI4016 Selected Topics/Readings in Philosophical Studies 3 units
  RELI4047 Mind in Chinese Buddhist Philosophy 3 units
  Study Area B: Christian Studies and Comparative Religion  
  RELI3005 Daoist Religion 3 units
  RELI3017 A Survey of Jewish and Christian Scriptures 3 units
  RELI3026 Christianity, Humanism and the Contemporary World 3 units
  RELI3037 Christian Spirituality 3 units
  RELI3047 Islam 3 units
  RELI3127 History of Christian Thought 3 units
  RELI3135 Buddhism  3 units
  RELI3136 Religious Rituals and Practices in Hong Kong  3 units
  RELI4025 Christianity and Chinese Culture  3 units
  RELI4027 Selected Topics/Readings in Christian Studies or Comparative Religion  3 units
  RELI4035 Comparative Religious Themes   3 units
  Study Area C: Interdisciplinary Study of Religion  
  RELI3075 Religion and Animal 3 units
  RELI3077 Religion and Social Movements 3 units
  RELI3086 Religion, Violence and Peace 3 units
  RELI3097 Psychology and Religion 3 units
  RELI3105 Anthropology and Religion 3 units
  RELI3106 Religion and Modern Chinese Societies 3 units
  RELI4015 Mysticism and Religious Experience 3 units
  RELI4036 Religion and Ideology 3 units
  RELI4037 Sociology of Religion and Modern Society 3 units
  RELI4046 Selected Topics/Readings in Religious Studies 3 units
  RELI4065 Dialogue between Religion and Modern Science 3 units
  Study Area D: Ethics and Society  
  RELI3016 Philosophy, Morality and Society 3 units
  RELI3045 Contemporary Ethical Problems: Hong Kong and Beyond 3 units
  RELI3107 Chinese Moral and Political Philosophy 3 units
  RELI3115 Theological Ethics 3 units
  RELI3116 Islamic Values and Contemporary Society 3 units
  RELI3117 Service Leadership and Meaning of Life and Death 3 units
  RELI3125 Social Justice, Liberalism and Economic Equality 3 units
  RELI3126 Theology, Liberalism and Sex in Chinese Societies 3 units
  RELI4066 Ethics of Human Rights: Theories and Controversies 3 units
  RELI4067 Environmental Ethics 3 units
  RELI4075 Selected Topics/ Readings in Ethics 3 units
II. Honours Project 6 units
  RELI4898 Honours Project 3 units
  RELI4899 Honours Project 3 units
III. University Core Courses 13 units
IV. General Education Courses 18 units
V. Free Electives 37 units
    128 units
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