Master of Arts in Music

Programme Director: Prof CHUNG, David Y S 

The MA in Music is a two-year part-time or one-year full-time taught master’s degree requiring 27 credit units. The programme aims:

  1. To stimulate enquiry and reflective professional and creative activity;
  2. To provide opportunities for scholarship in music and education;
  3. To provide theoretical, practical, and technological frameworks for pedagogical, creative and academic accomplishment in the Hong Kong cultural context; and
  4. To contribute to the development of the scholastic community and society at large.

The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

I) Required Course 3 units
II) Electives Courses 24 units
    27 units


I. Required Course 3 units
  MUS 7260 Research Methods in Music 3 units
II. Electives Courses 24 units
  Eight of the following courses: 
  MUS 7270 Music Technology 3 units
  MUS 7280 Creativity in Music 3 units
  MUS 7290 Psychology and Sociology in Music 3 units
  MUS 7300 Curriculum Development and Music Materials 3 units
  MUS 7310 Choral Pedagogy 3 units
  MUS 7320 Conducting Practicum 3 units
  MUS 7340 Virtual Music Classroom 3 units
  MUS 7350 Piano Pedagogy 3 units
  MUS 7360 Pedagogy Workshop 3 units
  MUS 7370 Music and Culture 3 units
  MUS 7380 The Teaching of Chinese Music 3 units
  MUS 7390 Composition Seminar 3 units
  MUS 7400 Current Practices in 21st Century Composition 3 units
  MUS 7411 Dissertation Project 3 units
  MUS 7412 Dissertation Project 3 units
  MUS 7420 Choral Training from a Kodály Perspective 3 units
  MUS 7430 Music in Early Childhood 3 units
  MUS 7440 Current Practices in Early Childhood Music Education 3 units
  MUS 7450 Sources, Genres, and Performance: Analytical Approaches 3 units
  MUS 7460 Sources, Genres, and Performance: Historical Perspectives 3 units
  MUS 7470 Advanced Piano Pedagogy Workshop 3 units
  MUS 7480 Advanced Studies in Chinese Music 3 units
  MUS 7490 Orff and Dalcroze Approaches to Music Teaching 3 units
  MUS 7500 Issues in the Study of Popular Music: Rock Music in Global Perspective 3 units
  MUS 7510 Arranging for Small Ensembles 3 units
  MUS 7520 Studies in Choral Literature 3 units
  MUS 7530 Studies in Piano Literature 3 units
  MUS 7540 Current Topics in World Music 3 units
  MUS 7550 Arranging for Choirs and Vocal Ensembles 3 units
  MUS 7600 Special Topics in Music I 3 units
  MUS 7610 Special Topics in Music II 3 units
  MUS 7620 Special Topics in Music III 3 units
  MUS 7630 Special Topics in Music IV 3 units
    27 units


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