Data and Media Communication Concentration


  Concentration Courses  
  Concentration Required Courses 15 units
  COMP3925 Data Analysis Studio 1 unit
  COMP4115 Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization 3 units
  JOUR2085 English News Reporting and Writing 3 units
  JOUR2107 Introduction to Journalism and Communications 3 units
  JOUR3155 Investigative Reporting for Data and Media Communication 2 units
  JOUR4046 Integrated Data-driven Storytelling 3 units
  Concentration Elective Courses** 3 units
  COMP4015 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 3 units
  COMP4027 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 3 units
  COMP4045 Human-Computer Interaction 3 units
  COMP4075 Social Computing and Web Intelligence 3 units
  COMP4909 Data Media Project II 3 units
  COMP7930 Big Data Analytics 3 units
  JOUR2005 Broadcast Reporting and Production 2 units
  JOUR2086 Multiplatform Journalism 2 units
  JOUR2105 Visual Journalism 3 units
  JOUR3096 Current Affairs and News Analysis 3 units
  JOUR3115 Media Management 3 units
  JOUR4005 Theory and Practice of Journalism in Greater China 3 units
  ** Any course as approved by the Department of Computer Science and Department of Journalism.
II. Projects 3 units
  COMP4908 Data Media Project I 3 units
V. Free Electives#^ 24 units
  # Students are encouraged to take additional Concentration Elective Courses (beyond the 3-unit Concentration Elective Requirement) from the above Concentration Elective Courses List and the following Elective Courses by using the free elective units to develop different areas of specialisation for the specific preference on future development.  
  ^ Students who plan to pursue research degrees are encouraged to take at least one course from S5.
  S1: Web Technology and Data Engineering  
  COMP4017 Computer and Network Security 3 units 
  COMP4035 Database System Implementation 3 units
  COMP4047 Internet and World Wide Web 3 units
  COMP4087 Selected Topics in Web Technology and Data Engineering 3 units
  COMP4105 Web Search Principles and Technology 3 units
  S2: Digital Media and Mobile Technology  
  COMP4025 Interactive Computer Graphics 3 units 
  COMP4036 Digital Media Computing and Communications 3 units 
  COMP4055 Medical Image Processing and Applications 3 units 
  COMP4076 Selected Topics in Digital Media and Mobile Technology 3 units 
  COMP4097 Mobile Computing 3 units 
  S3: Intelligent Informatics  
  COMP4027 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 3 units 
  COMP4045 Human Computer Interaction 3 units 
  COMP4075 Social Computing and Web Intelligence 3 units 
  COMP4085 Selected Topics in Intelligent Informatics 3 units 
  COMP4125 Visual Analytics 3 units 
  S4: Enterprise Systems and Business Intelligence  
  COMP3035 Health Information Technology 3 units 
  COMP4016 Clinical Decision Support and Information Systems 3 units
  COMP4046 Information Systems Control and Auditing 3 units
  COMP4077 Selected Topics in Enterprise Systems and Business Intelligence 3 units
  COMP4096 Business Intelligence and Decision Support 3 units
  COMP4106 E-Business Technology 3 units
  COMP4126 Health Informatics: Technology and Practices 3 units
  S5: Computer Science Theory and Other Advanced Topics  
  COMP3045 Advanced Algorithm Design, Analysis and Implementation 3 units
  COMP3046 Advanced Programming for Software Development 3 units
  COMP4015 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 3 units
  COMP4026 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 3 units
  COMP4066 Principles of Programming Language 3 units
  COMP4067 Theory of Computation 3 units
  COMP4086 Selected Topics in Theoretical Computer Science 3 units
  Other Elective Courses  
  COMP3005 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3 units
  COMP3027 Enterprise Information Systems 3 units
  COMP4005 Information Systems Theory, Methodology and Architecture 3 units
  COMP4037 E-Technology Architectures, Tools and Application 3 units
  COMP4056 Nature-Inspired Computing 3 units
  COMP4065 Performance Modelling and Analysis of Computer Systems 3 units


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